Harry Potter

Friends of the young wizard went a long and challenging way to collect all the parts of the soul of the dark magician imprisoned in the crystals. They only managed to damage them when suddenly a battle began in the world of wizards. The black magician’s army is too strong. The young wizard’s friends, along with others, are now fighting and cannot complete the destruction of the crystals. A howling owl of the young wizard flew to you. You are the only friends. He handed over a letter from which you learned all about this chest. It will be best if you destroy these crystals. Otherwise, the outcome of the battle will be a foregone conclusion.
* Escape room in a box is a game different from standard escape room games. It is a new and unique board game format. It consists of a single storyline: a set of tasks, puzzles, props and guide for the players. The players can solving logic problems, mysteries, and quests without getting up from a chair. The game box contains everything you need to start your adventure as soon as you open it. The solution of one puzzle leads to a new consecutive puzzle.
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