The Pirates – Escape in a box
It has been years since you went out on the open sea.You were just a child when you first heard about the secret treasure hidden on the farthest island in the sea. The island can only be reached by solving this wooden box full of puzzles and obstacles. Since then, many things have happened. Your father lost the battle with the mermaids, and a creature with humongous tentacles dragged your uncle into the deep blue water. Now you are the one holding the helm. Although you have already gained the respect of all the other pirates and rule all seven seas, you will never give up on the dream of your ancestors. The treasure must be in your hands!

You continue the search, but whether you will succeed depends only on you. Yo ho ho

* Escape room in a box is a game different from standard escape room games. It is a new and unique board game format. It consists of a single storyline: a set of tasks, puzzles, props and guide for the players. The players can solving logic problems, mysteries, and quests without getting up from a chair.
The game box contains everything you need to start your adventure as soon as you open it. The solution of one puzzle leads to a new consecutive puzzle.
Location: Skopje City Mall
Contact: +389 75 374 330