The Evil Mansion

A winter night , you and your friends return home after a night out. As you pass in front of the known abandoned mansion on Merlin Road ,you hear children's voices and laughter. Concerned by the lateness of the hour you decide to go inside and see what happens. Once you pass the threshold, the door closes firmly behind you. You have trapped yourselfs in Lucy’s house and you have to play her creepy game. The prize of Lucy, if you cannot make it, will be your own souls! Solve the spell, find the exit in 70 minutes and get out alive from this ultimate horror room!

The room is available in English only!
Adults only! Not recommended for people carrying a pacemaker or suffering from Epilepsy. Warning: Stroboscope is present in the room.
Location: Adolf Ciborovski 6a
Contact: +389 72 260 041